If you’re looking to connect with like minded people who have Scottish Terriers there are a number of opportunities that await you!  Social media, in particular Facebook has made the Scottish Terrier world a little smaller for all of us.  The opportunity to network with fellow Scottie owned people via messaging, posting or attending regional or national gatherings is out there waiting for you to make the connection! You can join our Facebook group here.

We encourage you to look in your community, state or region for the possibility of Scottish Terrier devotees gathering either for purpose of conformation (showing), performance (agility, rally or barn hunt) or for socialization.

Scottish Terrier Club of America

The Scottish Terrier Club of America was formed in 1900 in an effort to improve and popularize the Scottish Terrier breed.  Although many of us may think STCA membership is restricted to only breeders or exhibitors, anyone can become a member and more information can be found at: Join the STCA.
There are twenty regional STCA clubs and more information about each of those can be found at: Regional Clubs. Membership at the regional level can assist in learning more about the breed, including health issues, breeder contacts and provide you with an opportunity to become involved. Click here to view the STCA’s regional clubs.

Breeder Referral

The STCA has a system in place to assist persons interested in obtaining a well-bred Scottish Terrier. Members on this list have agreed to follow the STCA’s Code of Ethics. Click here to view the STCA’s Breeder Referral List. Each regional STCA Club also has a breeder referral contact in the event that someone is looking for a reputable breeder in their respective region.

Scottie Rescue

In the event you are interested in adopting a Scottish Terrier who is in need of a home there are many organizations across the United States who have coordinators to contact.  Its best to connect with the coordinator in your state or region and ill out an application and realize that it is about finding the best fit for the Scottish Terrier and not whose application was in first.  The Coordinators have a network of volunteers, all of whom have the best interest of the Scottie at heart.  Click here for Scottish Terrier rescue groups.