Register for the 2022 Door County Scottie Rally!

Get out your old bell bottoms, bandanas, fringe, tie-dyes, and deck out your Scots to make WOOFSCOT history the weekend of May 20th–21st!



  • registration fee for both days excluding ultrasounds & Friday Luminary Workshop and the Scent Workshop
  • rental of the large tent for the Silent Auction and Scottie Shoppe
  • rental of 2 portable commodes and a handwash station
  • locally made (on the morning of Rally) sandwiches with high quality ingredients
  • beverages including bottled water for you and your dog(s)
  • lodging for faculty
  • 2-3 Door County Sheriff deputies (@ 3 hours each including travel from Sturgeon Bay) for traffic control on State Highway 57
  • Clan Donald Pipes & Drums ($500)
  • rental of 20-30 tables for under the tent
  • trash receptables, dumpster and pick-up
  • propane gas and portable heat source for the large tent
  • honorarium/veterinarian fee(s) for ultrasounds
  • limited advertising in The Bagpiper (STCA publication) and the Peninsula Pulse
  • rental of additional golf cart for shuttling guests
  • contest/race prizes, and
  • a limited edition WOOFSCOT t-shirt


Inaugural Launch of the Barbara A. Gibson “Dogs Just Want to Have Fun” Event

As a tribute to our friend & colleague, Barbara A. Gibson, we are naming our performance events at DCSR in her memory. Barbara was well regarded in the arena of events such as agility, rally and barn hunt. She was a barn hunt judge and mentor to anyone who was looking for assistance. It is clear that she inspired many to become partners with their dogs. Barbara unexpectedly passed away in 2019 within few weeks after her 50th birthday with a late diagnosis of ovarian cancer. She took great pride in getting her boy, Duke da Dude, finished in conformation and he went on to sire a wonderful litter of puppies. She was co-owner of Aulscots Scottish Terriers with her dear friend, Allene Auld in Hawaii. We are thrilled to welcome Cheryl Fugate to the first inaugural “Dogs Just Want to Have Fun” event.

Groovy Snooter Scent Work Training presented by Cheryl Fugate, retired B & B owner who happens to hail from Pennsylvania. She serves as chauffer to four Scotties as they attend scent, rally and agility classes. 2 of her 4 Scotties work as therapy dogs with kids. Cheryl is also a Therapy Dogs International (aka TDI) evaluator and is working towards her 2 male Scots going into schools and working with students with emotional problems.

This workshop will teach your dog to pair scent with food, starting with one scented and one unscented box with progressive discrimination skill building between 3 boxes. Dogs will love this game and will be taking boxes with them so they can continue enjoying the game at home. All attendees are welcome to watch and learn, however there is a limit of 20 dogs participating during the 2 hour session. Ticket is required for each participating dog.

C’mon Scottie Light My….Scottie Luminary presented by Melissa Lambrecht, Mixed Media Artist, Oshkosh, WI

This workshop will walk you through making your own sparkling luminary jar. You will receive a jar to work on and have the choice of using one of a variety of pre-cut vinyl Scottie decals or painting your own design . Each jar will also come with a battery operated votive to light it. Ticket is required to participate and class is limited to 20 participants.


Scottish Terrier Songs presented by Heather T. Strong

RATS and a few other songs will be sung by Heather T. Strong. Heather and Kate Connick collaborated on the creation of a Scottish Terrier song collection which will have Scotties arooing! Heather lives in Clintonville, WI.


COVID-19 Protection/Prevention

Although it is our hope that WOOFSCOT attendees will be fully vaccinated and boostered, DCSR will not be asking for proof of vaccination status. There will be attendees who are immunocompromised and may wish to remain physically distant, as well as continue to mask.


  • Parking will be limited to our open meadow immediately adjacent to our driveway. Please follow our parking volunteer directions and pull in as close as you possibly can so we can maximize use of this space.
  • We will assist you with the use of a golf cart to transport you, your dog(s) and items such as your X-pen to the check-in table.

Use of Tobacco

  • Use of smoking materials including e-cigarettes and vaping are prohibited on our property for the comfort and safety of all of our guests.
  • In the event that you are a smoker please limit your use of any smoking materials (including vaping) to off property and please do not toss any materials including butts into our woods.

Portable Commodes

  • Our home is on a private septic system and can not handle additional waste. Please respect the privacy of our personal home.
  • The commodes we rent are completely sanitized and ready for use upon their delivery. Additionally we rent a handwash station for your personal hygiene, comfort and safety.

Parade of Scots

  • A limited amount of seating on the Scottie Wagon will be available for 2 or 4 footed passengers who are unable to walk the 1.8 round trip parade route.
  • The Scottie Wagon typically is at the tail end of the parade route to pick up any tuckered out parade walkers!

Since 2001 Scottish Terriers and their families have gathered in Baileys Harbor to promote fellowship and raise funds for Scottish Terrier Health Research and Scottie Rescue. The efforts of the Door County Scottie Rally, a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization, have resulted in the donation of over $464,000 for Scottie rescue and/or health research that involves or impacts the Scottish Terrier. The Door County Scottie Rally is privileged to have a dedicated volunteer Board who serve the organization year-round with the DCSR mission always in mind. Additionally we began online auctions on social media to enhance our fundraising efforts and increase knowledge of our mission which is to:

  • Foster fellowship among people who are passionate about Scottish Terriers
  • Educate the public and owners regarding issues which impact the health and welfare of Scottish Terriers
  • Provide financial support of Scottish Terrier health related research, and
  • Provide financial support to STCA Scottish Terrier rescue

In addition to the education, fundraising, Parade of Scots and performance based activities held each May, we have launched an energetic slate of virtual webinars on ZOOM as the DCSR ZOOMIES. Many of these sessions are recorded and have been placed on the Door County Scottie Rally YouTube Channel for viewing.