Baileys Harbor, WI

Michele’s Story:

After returning to her native Wisconsin, Michele and Tom Bronsky’s 1st Scottie, Shayna was diagnosed with bladder cancer at the age of 11 in November, 2000. Soon after hearing that news, Michele began a search to establish connections with other Scottie people in Wisconsin. What began as an idea to gather a few families to celebrate our relationships with the Scottish Terrier quickly grew into an annual event. Within a few years, the Door County Scottie Rally became a non-profit organization for the purpose of fellowship, education and fundraising for Scottish Terrier health research and rescue.

In 2007, the Bronskys became members of the Scottish Terrier Club of America and Michele became quite active in supporting the Health Trust Fund. In the past decade she was asked to serve on an ad hoc task force investigating “Where Have All the Scotties Gone”. Her presence on that task force ensured the perspective of companion owners. Her fierce advocacy for the health of the Scottish Terrier breed has led to DCSR providing annual affordable bladder cancer screenings and collection of blood samples for research.

In 2018, Michele, Tom and the Door County Scottie Rally were awarded The Antonella Visconti di Modrone Health Advocate Award for the demonstration of outstanding dedication to and achievement in the area of Scottish Terrier health.

In 2020 Michele became a Trustee on the Health Trust Fund of the STCA and is actively educating Scottie owners on the importance of breeder interviewing, health testing and the role of the HTF DNA bank repository in health research and breed preservation. In addition to a planned litter of Scottie puppies in 2019, the Geiger-Bronsky home has been blessed by the presence of eight Scotties.

Unfortunately, in December of 2022, Michele lost Tom, her life partner and spouse of nearly 38 years.

Currently Michele shares walks, conversation, cruciferous vegetables and her bed with Sparky, Katie and Violet.




Downer’s Grove, IL

Mary’s Story:

Mary Bower has been owned by 7 Scotties, starting when she was a high school freshman. Her parents gave her a scottie puppy for Christmas and Mary decided to name her Holly. To this day, Mary still considers this to be the best present that she ever received. Holly was the family’s first exposure to the Scottish Terrier breed and she had the full package of scottitude, stubborness, and lots of activity in a small body. Mary recalls “If we were late getting home from work or school, Holly would tear up Kleenex, wet it and leave in front of the door, matted to the carpet. If Holly felt she was being laughed at, she would give the stink eye and turn her back; she whipped us into shape making sure we followed “her” rules!” The Bower family learned to love her deeply and she bestowed them with her undying devotion. As a result Mary remains exclusively committed to the Scottish Terrier breed. After Mary was on her own, she shared her life with Heather, Hayley, MacKenzie, Skye, Piper and now Paisley. Mary realizes that “ each was different in their own way and comparing them is like comparing your children, but each had the scottish attitude and the stubbornness that we all know and love”. Mary knows she will love scotties forever and as a recently retired pharmacist she has additional time to share adventurous outings with Paisley!





Scottie’s Story:

When Scottie was 14 she started collecting Scottish Terrier knickknacks for some unknown reason. She never had any personal exposure to a real Scottish Terrier however Scottie recalls, “I just thought they were wonderful. Somehow, my friends started calling me “Scottie” and I liked that much more than my given name, Sharon.”

In her 20’s she began sharing life with a few Scotties: Dunnigan a black male followed by a black female named Shanan (short for Shananigan). Scottie describes Shanan as “this charming vixen I write about in one of the last issues of Great Scots Magazine.”

Many months after losing Shanan, Scottie recalls “my heart was captured when Holly, a wheaten Scottie and the gentlest soul I’ve ever known, came into my life 14 years ago”. Scottie shares her home with her Husband, Dan and of course Holly. Her love of Holly brought her to visit Scotland Yard Bed & Breakfast in preparation for their 1st exposure to the Scottie Rally! Since that time Scottie has become  increasingly available to  volunteer and, now “consider myself a proud, two-legged member of the Door County Scottie Rally pack!” 




Stanley, WI

Kari’s Story:

Kari Endvick might seem a little Scottie obsessed if you saw her traveling to Scottie Rally headquarters. Perhaps it’s the fact that the Scottie census is currently hovering at six! Kari got her first Scottie at age ten after working all summer to raise enough cash. Following a long ride to Iowa with her parents, she purchased Ruffy with her hard- earned cash, and admits that he likely came from a puppy mill.

At the age of twenty-two she acquired Hercules, a retired champion from breeder friends (Scott & Susan Jacobson) in Minnesota. What followed was her decision to try showing dogs and it didn’t take her long to acquire a champion on her first male, Blade. Soon after she purchased Delilah who became her “foundation bitch.” She states “I loved that dog. She was my heart dog and my breeding line all comes from her.” Her continued showing and planned breeding has resulted in her being one of very few Scottish Terrier breeders in Wisconsin. She has several champions in her line of Talisman Scottish Terriers, and her explanation for her Scottie census is simply, “They are very easily collected.”

After Michele Geiger-Bronsky purchased a wheaten Scottie from Kari in 2017, a friendship developed, and Kari has been instrumental in mentoring Michele in breeding Scottish Terriers. Kari admits, “I love my dogs and could never have another breed. I hope to continue to raise and show Scotties and to help with the Door County Scottie Rally in any way that I can.” Kari is the owner of Four Paws Grooming and Boarding in Stanley, WI.




Richland Center, WI

Phil’s Story:

Phil and John Poole were visiting Door County 2004 with their sweet Scottie, Scout, when someone asked if they were there for the Door County Scottie Rally. They had never heard of the Rally and fortunately decided to a chance attending! They have been coming every year since!

The Pooles love Scotties and are so amazed by their personalities, intelligence, and loving nature. Their contributions to DCSR, along with their volunteer activities have been invaluable; including assisting with pre-Rally set up and the LIVE Auction. As a family, they are committed to the Rally mission. Although Scout has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, they are both basking in the nuances of having Skye, an energetic, happy young lass that fill their hearts and home!




Suamico, WI

Nan’s Story:

During Nan’s life, she has enjoyed the company of several kinds of dogs, but knew nothing about Scotties until her youngest daughter persuaded her to add a Scottie to their family. Tiny Queen Jane arrived and ruled their lives and hearts until she flew to the Rainbow Bridge in April 2018 at 15.75 years old. She inspired them to add two rescue boys to the family: George (RB 2019) and Joey (RB 2021). They are currently staff to two four year old Scotties, Livi and Donovan.

Nan has been an active volunteer and advocate for Scottish Terriers for many years, serving as Secretary on the board of a Maryland based rescue group and now as Treasurer and Auction Coordinator for DCSR. She has participated in many performance dog sports, including agility, rally obedience, barn hunt and nosework. Nan enjoys spreading the word that Scotties can do anything they decide they want to. With her husband, Dan, they have two adult daughters, both Scottie devotees. Following retirement, Nan and her husband, Dan relocated from Maryland to Green Bay, WI in 2017. The ink was barely dry on the house contract before recruitment of Nan to volunteer for DCSR was begun! She co-initiated our Facebook auctions, now overseeing all auction activities and is the perfect person to serve as our Treasurer! Nan is honored to be an integral part of the work we complete. 




Wauwatosa, WI

Sue’s Story:

Sue holds the distinction of being a 2001 Charter Door County Scottie Rally attendee and a Charter Board Member in 2004, as DCSR began the work of becoming a non-profit organization. Since then, Sue has been instrumental in a number of Rally activities, including the curating and selling of treasure-filled Surprise Boxes, leading the creation and placement of the garden stones in the Scottie Totem Pole Garden and so much more!

Sue is well known for rapidly hopping out of her vehicle when she sees a Scottie to tell their owner about DCSR. It is no surprise that Sue was the first recipient of the Spirit of Shayna Award and is a consummate advocate for the Door County Scottie Rally.

Sue and her spouse Tom have been generous with their resources, time and talents. They have donated innumerable Scottie vintage and collectible items for our auctions as well as other items to enhance the Rally experience for attendees and parade spectators. One example of this is the large custom Scottie Sign that is the last thing Parade viewers see on the back of the DCSR haywagon in the DCSR Parade of Scots and the 4th of July Baileys Harbor Parade. And thanks to the Fronsees the Rainbow Bridge Memorial Garden features a “Paw” garden stone for each of the nine original Scottish Terriers that attended the first Rally in 2001.

Sue is one of a handful of Charter Scottie Rally attendees who have never missed a single Rally. In 2005 she was awarded the honor of being an Emeritus Board Member and is often consulted for her dedicated perspective.

The Late



DIRECTOR 2018-2023

Inaugural Editor,

Rally News & Aroos

Braveheart Award Recipient – 2021 

Laurie’s Story:

Laurie Haight Keenan had a forty-five year history loving the Scottish Terrier breed. All told, she and her spouse Jim Keenan provided unconditional love for eleven Scotties, all rescues or re-homed dogs, and nearly every single one had special needs. Laurie had been a previous Board member and newsletter editor of the Scottish Terrier Club of Chicago, an active member of CyberScots (a listserv prior to social media) and a mentor on a national canine epilepsy list. She was an editor by profession, but spent her free time taking classes with her Scotties in obedience and nose work, learning to groom her Scotties, and attending numerous canine health and behavioral seminars, including a wolf intensive at Wolf Park in Indiana.

The Keenans were devoted supporters of Scottie rescue—fostering, transporting, and donating both funds and items from their personal collection. In 2021 the Keenans received the Door County Scottie Rally Braveheart Award for their long term self-less contributions to assisting numerous physically challenged Scots live their days with joy and love until they crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Laurie launched the DCSR electronic newsletter, Rally News & Aroos, and served as a DCSR Board member from 2018 until her passing in September, 2023. She was a fierce advocate and champion of all Scottish Terriers, and is dearly missed.